• A Bazar, or Tianguis, Segunda. (Spanish) – As Lolita would say.
  • Thrift shop, 2nd Hand treasures!, Bazaar, miscellaneous goods.
  • Boutique – as best described as a small shopping  outlet, one that specializes in elite and  fashionable items such as clothing and jewelry. The word   is French for “shop”, via Latin from Greek ἀποθήκη (apothÄ“kÄ“), “storehouse”.


Its A Family owned Business –

Gathering a little bit of everything literally from Lolita’s Closet(Mother) , This is how it soon acquired its name.


From selling at local Flea Markets/swap-meets and other events, We try to bring you Jewelry,fashionable items from current trend to a variety of handpicked Vintage clothing, and truly one of a kind rare finds.Whether it’s Jewelry, apparel or accessories, Lolita’s Closet always tries to keep up with the pulse of fashion. Since Fashion itself never sleeps.

In addition, it is known handmade unique accessories are in high demand today. Therefore, we also bring you handmade unique Head bands, feather earrings, and whichever other creation that might come in mind.

The Best part of it all is,

We have very reasonable competitive prices!!


Lolita’s Closet would like to thank you in advance, for visiting our website, and we are looking forward to fulfilling your order!